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We want you to have a wonderful time while visiting us. There are just a few rules of the road we need you to be aware of. The Library is here to serve all of us and we need to be respectful of those around us at all times. To assure fairness to all, you are expected to follow the library rules and procedures.

Click to access the following policies:

Administrative Policies
Book Sale by Branches Policy
Entire Building and Basic Free Services Policies
Gift Book Policy
Gifts Policy
Gifts Policy: Miller County-James W. Merritt, Jr. Memorial Library
Library Exhibition Policy
Meeting Room Policy
Mission Statement and Roles

These policies are available in PDF format. Please click here to download the latest version from Adobe's web site.


The Southwest Georgia Regional Library is pleased to offer public access computers to its patrons. In order to enjoy benefits from this equipment for years to come, please follow these rules.

  1. Computers are available to all patrons in “good standing” who have a current library card. “Good standing” means a patron has overdue fines less than $10.
  2. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a registration form and have it on file before the computers can be used.
  3. These computers are provided “as is” for public use. If it is discovered that the computers have been changed in any way by anyone other than library personnel, that person is in danger of having computer privileges revoked.
  4. Children's computers must be checked out from the library staff. The staff will retain your library card and give you a computer pass with the computer’s letter/number on it.
  5. Patrons must enter their current PINES library card number and last name to check out a computer with Internet access.
  6. Except for a parent/guardian with a child only one person can be at a computer.
  7. Patrons are not allowed to save files or programs to the hard drive. Patrons may use flash (or jump) drives, CD-R or CD-RW to save files. A CD-RW can be purchased for $3.00 at the circulation desk.
  8. Computer use is limited to 1 hour when someone is waiting. Only people working at the computers are allowed in the computer area.
  9. Computer assistance is limited to operational help.
  10. Downloading, installation, or modification of software is prohibited.
  11. Due to potential security problems, patrons are not allowed to connect their personal electronic equipment to the Library’s wired LAN, telephone lines, or computers. Personal electronic equipment includes but is not limited to: laptop computers, mobile devices, CD burners, PDAs, printers, iPods or other personal music or movie devices, etc.
  12. Patrons are to refrain from overuse of network utilities.
  13. The use of Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or other email application is prohibited. Email accounts must be accessed through a web site that is configured for that purpose such as hotmail.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.
  14. The cost of printing a document is $.25 per page.
  15. Patrons must end their session when they are finished. Patrons using a children's computer must sign out at the circulation desk and retrieve their PINES library card.
  16. The parent/guardian accepts all responsibility for any/all subject matter to which the child may be exposed when said parent/guardian signs the PINES Library Patron Registration form.

Failure to abide by Southwest Georgia Regional Library Board policy and rules governing use of the library’s system may result in the suspension and/or revocation of system access. Staff violations may also result in discipline up to and including dismissal. Fees, fines or other charges may also be imposed.

Using the electronic services via the Internet is a privilege, not a right. The privilege may be revoked at any time for unacceptable conduct. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Using the Internet for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contracts.
  • Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance.
  • Vandalizing the data of other users.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.
  • Invading the privacy of individuals.
  • Using an account owned by another without authorization.
  • Posting personal communications without the author's consent.
  • Placing of unlawful information on the system.
  • Using abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages.
  • Sending of messages that are likely to result in the loss of recipient's work or disrupting systems; for example, a computer virus.
  • Sending "chain letters" or "Broadcast" messages to lists of individuals, or other types of communication which would cause congestion of the networks.
  • Using the Internet to send/receive messages and images which are inconsistent with the Southwest Georgia Regional Library's policies.
  • Anyone accessing pornographic/offensive web sites will have their computer/library privileges revoked for periods up to 6 months.

Failure to abide by Southwest Georgia Regional Library Board policy and rules governing use of the library's system may result in the suspension and/or revocation of system access. Staff violations may also result in discipline up to and including dismissal. Fees, fines or other charges may also be imposed.

The parent/guardian accepts all responsibility for any/all subject matter to which the child may be exposed when said parent/guardian signs the Computer Use, Internet or Registration card.


The Southwest Georgia Regional Library Board believes staff and patrons should have open access to local. national. and international sources of information. The Board, by providing access to electronic services via the Internet, recognizes the potential of such services to support, education, information and business, and life-long learning. The goal of providing this access is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation. and communication.

While the Internet offers patrons access to a variety of information, the Board recognizes misuse and abuse are possible. The Board will make every effort to protect patronsfrom these misuses and abuses, but it is the responsibility of each user to continuously guard against inappropriate and illegal interaction with the electronic services. The Southwest Georgia Regional Library is taking all reasonable steps to ensure the Internet is used only for purposes consistent with education and information sharing. The Library Director and staff will establish rules for the use of the electronic system.

Failure to abide by Board policy and administrative regulations governing use of the library?s system may result in the suspension and/or revocation of system access. Additionally, patron violations may result in discipline up to and including revocation of computer privileges. Staff violations may also result in discipline up to and including dismissal. Fees, fines or other charges may also be imposed.

The Southwest Georgia Regional Library makes no guarantee of any kind, for the Internet service provided to the patron. The Board will not be responsible for any damages claimed or suffered by any patron relating to the use of the Internet. This includes the user's exposure to materials a parent otherwise would have a right of notice and/or consent to pursuant to state or federal law. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at the patron's own risk.

The Southwest Georgia Regional Library believes that the benefits to patrons from access to the Internet, in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration, far exceed any disadvantages. Ultimately, parent(s) and guardians(s) of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their child or ward should follow. To that end, the Southwest Georgia Regional Library Board supports and respects each family's right to decide whether or not to apply for Internet access.

  • The public library is not a “child care provider” but a public institution where all patrons have an equal right to quality library services in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the library rests with the parent/caregiver and not with library personnel.
  • Must have a parent/caregiver at least 16 years or older in the immediate vicinity of the child except for those children attending a story time or other library program. During these times the parent/caregiver must remain in the library building.
  • The library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver of children found unattended. If the parent/caregiver cannot be found in the library, the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) and/or law enforcement personnel will be notified.
  • Children violating the Patron Conduct Policy or the Library Patron Behavior Rules, posted throughout the library, will be subject to procedures listed later in this brochure.
  • May use the library on their own as long as they adhere to the Patron Conduct Policy and Library Patron Behavior Rules.
  • Parents/caregivers are still responsible for behavior of children in this age group while they are in the library.
  • Youth of all ages should arrange for transportation before arriving at the library.
  • Children at the library without transportation will be asked for a telephone number and library staff will call to have a parent/caregiver pick them up.
  • If transportation is still not available 15 minutes after closing, law enforcement personnel will be contacted to pick up the youth. Library staff will wait with the child until this happens.
  • Library staff are not permitted to drive any children home.
  • Children violating policy/rules will be given a copy of this brochure and a “remark” entry will be made in their patron computer file listing the date, type of misconduct, and initials of the library staff member.
  • The second time a child misbehaves a certified letter will be sent to the parents/guardian informing them of the incident and cautioning them that any future behavior will require a parent/guardian to be with the child at all times in the library. A “remark” entry will also be made in the patron file.
  • A third incident will result in a certified letter to the parents informing them that their child must have a parent/guardian with him/her during library visits. Another “remark” entry will be made.
  • In each of the above actions an Incident Report will be completed and provided to the Director.


The library is defined as all interior areas and library grounds to include the parking lot.

  • The library, to include the hallway and foyer, must have a quiet atmosphere for reading and study. No loud talking and, if asked to lower your voice, do so.
  • The tables are for quiet study, not group discussion.
  • No eating, drinking, or smoking in the library. One person at a computer (except for parent and child). Persons not using a computer cannot “hang out” in the computer areas.
  • Anyone accessing pornographic/offensive web sites will have their computer/library privileges revoked for periods up to 6 months.
  • Children ages 9 and under must have a parent with them at all times.
  • Running, playing, or any public misconduct is prohibited in the library or on library grounds.
  • In the interest of safety, library grounds, to include the parking lot, should not be used for playing on bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or ramps. No playing on the bookdrop.
  • There will be no “hanging out” in the foyer, outside the front door, by the bicycle rack, or the patio by the meeting room entrance.
  • Library telephones are for emergency use only. Patrons needing rides home should make prior arrangements before coming to the library.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in your being asked to leave the library. A copy of the patron conduct policy may be obtained at the circulation desk.


Library Cards
A library card is required for all transactions. Your first library card is free card upon presentation of appropriate identification. You can replace your lost library card for $2.

Patron in Good Standing
A patron must be in good standing in order to check out or renew material. Good standing means that the patron does not have 10 or more overdue items or does not owe more than $10 in unpaid fines and/or fees.

Loan Period
Books may be checked out for a period of 14 days. Magazines can check out for a period of 14 days. Current issues do not circulate. Patrons may check out up to 50 items at a time. Audio books are available for a two-week checkout period. Fiction DVDs can be checked out for a period of 7 days. Nonfiction DVDs can be checked out for a period of 14 days. Children must have permission to checkout videos. Patrons can only check out a total of 15 DVDs t one time.

Inter-library Loan
The library can borrow books from any PINES or other libraries. A fee maybe charged for borrowing material from non-PINES libraries ranging from $1 to $5.

Books may be renewed twice in person, by telephone, or on the Internet. Item with holds will not be eligible for renewal even if you have not renewed the item before. Fiction DVDs are not eligible for renewal.

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy from the library. Failure to receive notices does not exempt patrons from the responsibility for library materials or overdue fines. Overdue notices are sent out one week after due date.

Fees and Fines
Fines for audio books, books, magazines, music and software are $.10 per day, per item. Fines for videos, DVDs, and equipment are $.50 per day, per item. The fee for a replacement card is $2.

Damage and Lost Materials
Items that are returned damaged will be charged to the patron’s card. A patron may inform staff than an item is “Lost.” The price of the item will be assessed to the patron’s card. If the item is found within one year of payment, a refund minus the overdue fines and a $10 processing fee will be given. The refund will be processed within 30 business days.



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